Ukraine calls on Russia to respect ICJ ruling

Ukraine calls on Russia to respect ICJ ruling

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KYIV – Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling on Russia to comply with the International Court of Justice order that they suspend their military operations.

The court made the ruling on Wednesday night, saying troops must withdraw.

The court also ruled both parties must refrain from aggravating the dispute.

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The ICJ says it does have jurisdiction over the matter and could make a decision even though Russia elected not to represent itself at the court.

The provisional measures are binding on the parties.

International Court of Justice president Joan Donoghue said “the court considers that the Russian Federation must also ensure that any military or irregular armed units which may be directed or supported by it as well as any organisations that may be subject to its control and direction take no steps in furtherance of those military operations.

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“The court recalls Ukraine also requested it to indicate measures aimed at ensuring the non-aggravation of the dispute with the Russian Federation.

“When it indicates provisional measures for the purpose of preserving specific rights the court may also indicate provisional measures with the view to preventing the aggravation or extension of the dispute if it considers those circumstances so require.

“In the present case having considered all the circumstances in addition to the specific measure it has decided to order the court deems it necessary to indicate an additional measure directed at both parties and aimed at ensuring the non-aggravation of the dispute,” she said.

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