Have your say: Has Boris delivered on Brexit?

Have your say: Has Boris delivered on Brexit?

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BORIS JOHNSON promised to “get Brexit done” when he became Prime Minister but we’re now a few more years down the line and the UK is still wrangling with the EU over the finer points of the deal. But what do you think, has Boris Johnson delivered on Brexit?

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Have your say: Has Boris delivered on Brexit? (Image: GETTY)

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An overwhelming majority of Express readers have claimed he has delivered “BRINO”, Brexit in name only, with 89 percent of 3,310 people polled levelling the criticism.

Mr Johnson, after sailing into Downing Street on promises to “get Brexit done”, now presides over a UK mired in financial chaos.

Recent figures show that under his command, Britain has missed out on a global trade upturn.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) outlined that UK trade goods deficits widened significantly in 2021.

The office reasoned that “disengagement from international trade” caused the UK to miss out on a G7-wide recovery in trade as a proportion of GDP.

The UK’s trade deficit increased from £129.4 billion to £155.4 billion last year, with new deals agreed under Mr Johnson tipped to add less than 0.2 percent to the economy.

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