Donald Trump: January 6 committee accused of trying to keep former POTUS off 2024 ballot

Donald Trump: January 6 committee accused of trying to keep former POTUS off 2024 ballot

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THE JANUARY 6 committee has been accused of trying to prevent former President Donald Trump from standing in the 2024 US Presidential election in what critics have labelled a “purely political” move.

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He said: “Trying to pack the court, this committee, the January 6 committee altered evidence and presented it to the American people as if it were true.

“And they accuse us of being a danger to our democracy?

“Gaetz was right, we’ve got a border that is complete chaos.

“We have $6 gas in California, $4 gas everywhere else in the country.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump could be prevented from standing in the 2024 US Presidential election (Image: Getty Images )

“We have crime at record levels in every major urban area in this nation and we have an inflation problem that is at a 40 year high.

“And this committee has more contempt resolutions for a purely political reason.

“I think the whole committee is purely political, designed to do one thing; Keep President Trump off the ballot in 2024.”

Donald Trump has been accused by critics of inciting protesters against the confirmation of the result of the 2020 US Presidential election by storming the Capital building on January 6 last year.

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Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan said the January 6 committee wanted to keep Trump off the ballot (Image: Twitter )

Mr Trump has yet to confirm if he is considering a bid for The White House in 2024 but recent polling showed he would beat Joe Biden in a rematch by at least 3 percentage points and Vice President Kamala Harris by an even bigger margin of around 11 percent.

Social media users were divided on the issue with some Twitter users arguing as Mr Trump isn’t a Washington insider, there was every chance he would be kept off the ballot.

One user, @bb1wackbag, wrote: “Well yeah. They’re terrified of him because he’s not one of the club and can’t be bought.”

Another user, @JuanPerrez_, added: “I am LIVID! Me and my family are FURIOUS that this election was ROBBED from us by sleepy joe. 

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Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan said the committee had “altered evidence” (Image: Twitter )

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan described the committee as “purely political” (Image: Twitter )

“We are officially DONE with the US. We are packing our bags and moving to new mexico THIS WEEK!”

However, others did not welcome the potential return of Mr Trump as a potential Presidential candidate.

One user, @Bryan_919, wrote: “Wait, you can’t run in 2024 if you committed sedition? Who knew?”

Another, @orange_cult_ls, added: “Good. That means he can’t f  up 2024 for people who are more intelligent than him AND want a realignment.

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