‘Hugely significant’ Prince Harry lands new Google deal as he teams up with US tech giant

‘Hugely significant’ Prince Harry lands new Google deal as he teams up with US tech giant

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PRINCE HARRY’S sustainable travel initiative Travalyst has been selected for a new partnership with Google as the firm has produced a model to display emissions data on flight searches.

Prince Harry delivers speech at Travalyst working summit

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The Duke of Sussex launched Travalyst, a not-for-profit, in 2019 to raise awareness of and promote sustainable travel. The global partnership brings together giants from the industry including TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner, and Visa, and Google only joined its coalition in September last year.

A month after being welcomed into the scheme’s midst, Google began displaying carbon emissions estimates for searches made on Google Flights.

At the time, it also stated in a blog post that it was working in partnership with Travalyst to develop an open model for calculating carbon emissions from air travel.

On Wednesday, Google published a free “Travel Impact Model” for emissions estimates that further details the Travalyst framework.

Making the trial free is a move designed to encourage it being adopted by the wider industry.

Prince Harry google deal

‘Hugely significant’ Prince Harry lands new Google deal as he teams up with US tech giant (Image: Getty)

The Duke of Sussex

The Duke of Sussex launched Travalyst in 2019 (Image: Getty)

Travel agency Skyscanner has also started using the framework on its platform for consumers.

The framework being adopted by the two giants in the industry comes following a recent scientific study that has highlighted how ineffective carbon offsetting has become.

Travalyst CEO Sally Davey said that introducing the scheme allowed consumers to “make better choices” because they weren’t bombarded with “complicated information”.

She added: “By delivering clear and consistent tools for collecting and reporting airline data, we are helping travellers and the industry to make more informed — and lower-emitting — air travel choices.

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Prince Harry

Travel agency Skyscanner has also started using Travalyst’s framework (Image: Getty)

“It is hugely significant that our partners have reached an agreement on this framework and will be using the same data across all of their platforms”.

Travalyst’s remaining four travel distribution partners have also confirmed their intention to adopt and implement the model.

Google will act as a provider making it possible for more platforms to easily display carbon estimates using the Travel Impact Model.

Similar calculators and other tactics are already being utilised especially in the corporate travel industry.

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More are also expected to follow suit after Google announced it had implemented the framework.

It comes as other agencies and booking tools are starting to display carbon footprint data, too.

SAP Concur and CWT are the latest two firms to use data provided by Thrust Carbon

Elsewhere, companies like Microsoft, have opted for a different method by penalising business trips with a hefty fee.

Meghan and Harry plane

Travalyst was selected by Google for flight search emission data (Image: Getty)

Harry’s Travalyst scheme was launched with the intention of improving conservation efforts and helping develop the economies of communities involved in the tourist industry.

Its overarching focus is protecting the environment while meeting the growing demand to travel more sustainably while benefiting communities, the environment and wildlife.

Speaking at the time of its launch, the Duke of Sussex said: “We cannot dismiss the idea of doing something just because we cannot do everything.

“We can all do better, and while no one is perfect, we all have a responsibility for our own individual impact. The question is what we do to balance it out.”

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