Sickening moment thug hurls ‘frail’ cat across a road

Sickening moment thug hurls ‘frail’ cat across a road

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HORRIFIC footage shows a man grab a “frail” cat and throw it across a street in a disgusting attack.

Merseyside: Man grabs ‘frail’ cat and throws it across street

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CCTV caught the yob clench his fist to grab the black cat, which was sitting on a wall, and lob it some distance across the road in Litherland, Merseyside. The feline is seen flinching and running off in the sickening video, which has been shared online.

The family of the nine-year-old cat, Lily, said a woman living on their street told them she saw a man hurting a cat and encouraged them to check their CCTV.

One of the owners told Liverpool Echo: “My sister couldn’t stop crying after seeing the video and I think my parents were more shocked and angry. My sister’s dad put a post on Facebook and people are absolutely outraged and disgusted.

“Lily is known in the street for always being outside and sitting in the neighbours’ plant pot.

“I really hope it hasn’t affected her going outside. She’s really old and frail too.”

A man grabbed a 'frail' cat and threw it across the street

A man grabbed a ‘frail’ cat and threw it across a street (Image: Supplied)

They continued: “I’ve moved out and have two cats myself and would be distraught if something like that happened to mine, so close to our home where they should be safe.”

The family has now made the decision to keep Lily indoors “in case this is something this man does regularly”.

The CCTV footage has been sent to Merseyside Police.

In the UK, the maximum prison sentence for committing an offence of animal cruelty is five years in jail.

The length of the punishment increased last June, following the introduction of the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill.

Originally, the upper limit of the sentence was six months.

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