Furious oil protesters disable tanker’s brake cable on M4 – police swarm as road blocked

Furious oil protesters disable tanker’s brake cable on M4 – police swarm as road blocked

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Just Stop Oil protesters stop oil tanker at Chiswick Roundabout

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The demonstration, by the Chiswick Roundabout between the A4 and M4 in West London, has left cars and trucks at a standstill. Protesters climbed up on an Eddie Stobart lorry. Officers are at the scene, with Hounslow Police saying: “Road closures are currently in place at the Chiswick Roundabout Diversions are in place. Please avoid the area if possible.” All traffic from Chiswick High Road northbound is being diverted onto the A4 westbound, TfL confirmed.

In a video from the scene shared by Just Stop Oil on Twitter, a protester mockingly says to the camera: “Welcome to Black Planet, with me your host, David Attenborough Jr Jr.

“Here we have the strange homo sapiens that wear the yellow jackets and the black jackets.

“They follow the orders knowing full well that the order that they’re given will ultimately kill everything they love.

“But instead, they continue to protect the cans of black death [fuel] that get carted around… because they just love money so goddamn much.”

Police are seen in the background, with activists standing on top of a fuel tanker.

Just Stop Oil campaigners have been making headlines for weeks.

Since launching a series of nationwide protests on April 1, they have locked themselves to pipes in oil terminals, tied themselves to goalposts at football matches and glued themselves to tankers and roads.

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Just Stop Oil protest

Protestors of the Just Stop Oil environmental group have blocked the M4 (Image: Twitter/Just Stop Oil)

The owner of an oil terminal that has been the site of several protests was on Wednesday granted a High Court injunction aimed at restricting environmental demonstrators from targeting its operations.

The injunction for US-headquartered Valero Energy bans anyone from damaging the land at its sites or “affixing themselves to any other person or object”.

The order is similar to what was put in place to stop the M25 blockades by Insulate Britain last year.

In his ruling, Mr Justice Bennathan said: “The order I made forbids various acts of trespass, including the blocking of gates on Valero’s premises, and forbids acts of obstructing certain specified roadways, including public highways, in various semi-permanent ways.”

M4 Just Stop Oil protest

Police join Just Stop Oil activists on top of a fuel tank truck (Image: Reuters)

M4 Just Stop Oil protest

Officers attempt to remove a protester from the West London roundabout (Image: Reuters)

Just Stop Oil’s action, for which it has accepted responsibility as it claimed its activists are moving “to stop the flow of oil in London”, comes amid reports of petrol and diesel shortages in areas targeted by the group as it pushes for the Government to agree on a moratorium on all new oil and gas projects.

About 40 campaigners were arrested at Inter Terminals in Grays, Essex on Monday.

Some had spent more than 38 hours locked onto pipework above the loading bay.

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Extinction Rebellion (XR) demonstrators

Extinction Rebellion (XR) demonstrators glued to barrels outside the Treasury last week (Image: Getty)

Their detentions make up just a small fraction of the about 400 people who have been arrested a total of 900 times for taking action so far, according to the campaign.

On Tuesday, the activists took their first day off in nearly two weeks, with a campaign spokesperson saying: “We decided to give them a break.”

But on the same day, they vowed to continue blockading oil terminals until they are jailed.

They said: “Ministers have a choice: they can arrest and imprison Just Stop Oil supporters or agree to no new oil and gas.

“While Just Stop Oil supporters have their liberty the disruption will continue.”

More protests are expected throughout Thursday.

A No 10 spokeswoman said on Monday of the actions: “We recognise the strength of feeling and the right to protest is a cornerstone of our democracy, but we won’t tolerate guerrilla tactics that obstruct people going about their day-to-day business.”

She added: “We fully support the police who are putting significant resource into their response to the demonstrations.”

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