Ukraine slams Pope’s attempt for Easter reconciliation with Russia

Ukraine slams Pope’s attempt for Easter reconciliation with Russia

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UKRAINE has slammed the Pope’s attempt for a symbolic reconciliation with Russia during a Good Friday evening procession, calling it “incomprehensible” and “inadequate”.

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The procession was due to involve two women, a named Irina and a called Albina who work together at a hospital in Rome, carrying a cross and shaking hands before the reading a meditation they wrote together about death, rage and reconciliation in the face of bombings.

However, the original text of the meditation was scrapped after it was described as “incoherent and offensive” by the head of Ukraine’s Byzantine-rite Catholic Church Major Archbishop Sviatoslov Shevchuk.

The original text of 200 words was replaced with two sentences: “Faced with death, silence is the most eloquent of words.

“Let us all pause in silent prayer and each one pray in their hearts for peace in the world.”

Archbishop Shevchuk described the idea as “inappropriate and ambiguous, and does not take into account the context of military Russian aggression in Ukraine”.

He added: “incoherent and even offensive particularly as we await the second, more bloody attack of Russian troops on our cities and villages.”

Pope Francis

The Pope’s gesture of reconciliation has been condemned (Image: Getty)

������������Embto������������understands&shares general concern in������������&many other communities about idea to bring together������������ &������������ women to carry Cross during Friday’s CrossRoad at Collosseum. Now we are working on the issue trying to explain difficulties of its realization and possible consequences

— Andrii Yurash (@AndriiYurash) April 12, 2022

He claimed that reconciliation “will only be possible only when the war is over and those guilty of crimes against humanity have faced justice”.

Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See Andrii Yurash wrote on Twitter that he understood the “concerns in Ukraine and many other communities”.

He said they were “working on the issue [and] trying to explain [the] difficulties of its realisation and possible consequences”.

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Pope Francis with Jesus on the cross

The Pope has called for peace (Image: Getty)

The Pope has reportedly sought to improve relations with the head of the Russian Orthodox church Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, who has been a supporter of Putin, according to Politico.

Apostolic Nuncio for Ukraine Monsignor Visvaldas Kulbokas – the Vatican equivalent of an ambassador – said that protests from Ukraine had been communicated to the Holy See.

He said: “Under the cross we are all children of God, aggressor and attacked, in this case Russia and Ukraine.

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Old woman in black weeps over coffin

A funeral for a Ukrainian war victim (Image: Getty)

“The churches and religious organisations in Ukraine wish to work towards reconciliation, however, they know that they will only be able to talk about it when the aggression stops.”

While the Pope has condemned the military action in Ukraine, he has avoided directly calling out Putin.

The invasion of Ukraine is expected to “cast a shadow” over the Vatican’s Easter celebrations, reported Reuters.

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