‘Indoctrinating children!’ European Union slammed over ‘communist’ Europe-wide curriculum

‘Indoctrinating children!’ European Union slammed over ‘communist’ Europe-wide curriculum

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THE EUROPEAN Union has been slammed and accused of trying to “indoctrinate children” after MEPs endorsed a proposal to introduce a “common curriculum” across the continental bloc.

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Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes told the Telegraph that EU bureaucrats wanted to “indoctrinate” children “like the Communists”.

He said: “EU bureaucrats are not losing any chance to undermine the sovereignty of EU national states, and the projects for a single EU curriculum proves it.

“The EU has no power to legislate in education, which is a national competence.

“These bureaucrats want to indoctrinate children from an early age, like the Communists once did.” 


The EU has been accused of “indoctrinating” children (Image: Getty Images )

European Parliament

The European Parliament has supported the plan for pro-Brussels lessons (Image: Getty Images )

The report which prompted the resolution blamed an “insufficient knowledge of or ignorance about the EU and poor understanding of its functioning” on the bloc’s unpopularity across a number of its national capitals.

It calls on member states to develop a “renewed European momentum in citizenship education” as a way to counter the “allure of misinformation, extremist and populist discourses”.

The 6,500-word report argues there should be a standard set for a “minimum understanding” of what it means to be an EU citizen along with the formation of a “European common identity”.

According to the report, member states should be encouraged to “review and update their education systems – and all forms of EU-related curricula content at all levels”. 

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Cristian Terhes

Cristian Terhes (Centre} said the EU bureaucrats were behaving like Communists (Image: Getty Images )

Domenec Ruiz Devesa, a Spanish MEP who was in charge of the report, said there was a “huge gap” between the “ aspirations” in the report and the reality.

He said: “Citizenship is inadequately covered in curricula in schools in many EU countries.

“There is a huge gap between the grand aspirations in the documents we publish and the reality on the ground.

“Therefore we have made a number of recommendations to remedy the situation.”

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Domenec Ruiz Devesa

Domenec Ruiz Devesa [L] said that citizenship is “inadequately” covered in schools across the EU (Image: Getty Images )

European Commission

The European Commission is obliged to consider the report (Image: Getty Images )

The European Commission is now obliged to consider the report as it has been adopted by MEPs.

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