Have your say: 3 years since MPs voted to take control of Brexit

Have your say: 3 years since MPs voted to take control of Brexit

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MPs voted to seize control of Brexit on March 25, 2019, humiliating then Prime Minister Theresa May by taking the UK’s approach to Brexit out of her hands. Have MPs done a good job with Brexit?

Brexit was a ‘loss for everybody’ says Guy Verhofstadt

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The 2019 vote saw MPs assume control over the Parliamentary timetable with a series of “indicative votes” for alternatives to Ms May’s Brexit deal.

Over the last week of March, they deliberated – unsuccessfully – on a series of options to replace the PM’s proposed deal.

But they cemented their control over the Government’s Brexit plans, with Parliament able to ratify the EU Withdrawal bill and eventually force Boris Johnson to seek an extension from the bloc.

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Have your say: Three years since MPs voted to take control of Brexit – have they done a good job? (Image: PA)

In the years following the amendment, the country has realised its Brexit goal, with the UK and EU officially parting ways on January 1, 2021.

And despite a shaky start, Mr Johnson has successfully passed his Brexit-related bills with backing from his 80-seat strong Conservative majority.

However, several issues remain, as the Government hopes to renege on aspects of its negotiated agreement.

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