Manchester emergency: Residents evacuated as bomb squad scrambled to incident

Manchester emergency: Residents evacuated as bomb squad scrambled to incident

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A NUMBER of flats in the centre of Manchester have been evacuated after a “suspicious item” was found.

Manchester: Police cordon in place by Deansgate Square flats

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Emergency services of the Greater Manchester Police including the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD) have rushed on the scene at Owen Street. A number of flats in Deansgate Square have been evacuated as a safety precaution while the assessment is ongoing. A resident of the flats has written on Twitter: “‘Explosive device found in one of the towers’ is what I heard”

The police have placed 100m cordon around the area.

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and the North West Ambulance Service are also in attendance. 

A statement from Greater Manchester Police said: “We are working closely with GMFRS and NWAS to ensure this incident is dealt with quickly and safely.”

A notification sent to residents reads: “Due to a police incident, please could you evacuate the building immediately, please could you message any communal WhatsApp groups please could you add it onto these and request all towers to evacuate.”

Manchester area

The EOD unit is investigating the suspicious item (Image: Twitter @PerspectiveIX)

It is yet unsure how long the investigation will last.

Residents are being told by police that it “could be 10 more minutes, could be all day”, the MEN reported.

Resident Hannah Whitehead told the MEN: “We have an app for the Towers for announcements, and we got a few messages telling people to evacuate ASAP.

“It was telling people to let all their friends to evacuate. We evacuated and the police have turned up and told people where to go, and a cordon has been put in place.

“There’s tape all around, there’s lots of police and the bomb squad have turned up now. It is quite frightening.”

The evacuated area

The area of Deansgate Square is evacuated (Image: Twitter @PerspectiveIX)

evacuated area

Police is investigating over a ‘suspicious item’ (Image: MEN)

Ms Whitehead added: “There’s been a few more announcements saying that anyone left in the flats need to evacuate now.

“We spoke to a police officer who said it’ll probably be a few hours until we can go back inside. There is a 100m cordon around from the train station near the Atlas Bar.

“We are just waiting now. Everyone is bringing out their dogs and cats.”

An email sent to residents read: “We have been advised by the Police of an incident at Deansgate Square and they have asked us to advise you to evacuate the area with immediate effect.

#INCIDENT | Emergency services are currently in attendance at Owen Street in the City Centre, following the discovery of a potential suspicious item.

A number of flats have been evacuated as a safety precaution whilst EOD make their way to the scene to make an assessment.

— Greater Manchester Police (@gmpolice) March 26, 2022

The evacuated area

Police have evacuated the area as the investigation goes on (Image: Twitter @PerspectiveIX)

Police in attendance at the incident

People are on the streets following the evacuation (Image: MEN)

“Please do not ignore this message. You should also have received a person visit to your apartment, or are about to from a member of the West Towers Residences Team.”

The email seen by MEN, continued: “We have not been given any further details at this time and we will advise once we know more.

“Please kindly follow the instructions received and place yourself a minimum of 100 metres away from the Square.

“Please only use the emergency stairwell and take your pets with you if you can.”

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