Russian commander ‘shoots himself’ after discovering 90% tanks failing, Ukraine says

Russian commander ‘shoots himself’ after discovering 90% tanks failing, Ukraine says

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A RUSSIAN tank commander killed himself after discovering the majority of his reserve equipment had been rendered unusable, according to reports from Ukraine.

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Reports from Kyiv’s Ministry of Defence have declared that the commander from the “13th tank regiment” of the “4th tank division of the Russian Federation” shot himself after discovering the spoiled reserve tanks. The commander of the unit discovered that 90 percent of the tanks in reserve were rendered useless after they were pillaged for cash.

The commander of the unit discovered that 90 percent of the tanks in reserve were rendered useless after they were pillaged for cash.

Kyiv stated that the commander killed himself after finding that only one in 10 of the tanks in storage were “more or less” operational. 

It has been suggested that Russian troops have turned against each other and the effectiveness of the invasion by engaging in financial corruption.

The commander remains unnamed in the unofficial report, and it has been reported in the Daily Star that the equipment from the tanks had been stolen including entire engines.

Russian tank destroyed

Russian equipment destroyed by Ukraine forces (Image: Getty)

Destruction in Kyiv

Russian forces have decimated Ukrainian towns (Image: Getty)

The Wall Street Journal spoke with businessman Bill Browder who had the largest foreign investment portfolio in Russia who stated that corruption has devastated the Russian army.

Mr Browder said: “My estimate is that 80 percent of the military budget is stolen by Russia’s generals, because 80 percent of all budgets in Russia are stolen by the officials in charge.”

The wages of Russian troops are taken by their higher-ups and so the lower ranks are left to sell fuel from their tanks and sell other materials on the black market to build up their salary. 

Some of the military equipment is highly valuable with key electronic gear containing gold and precious metals which have reportedly been stripped and sold.

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Putin has been accused of leading the financial corruption (Image: Getty)

Soldier poses with destroyed Russian tank

Ukrainian soldier poses with destroyed Russian tank (Image: Getty)

The report from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence claimed that Russia is “trying to put into operation a significant amount of equipment coming from long-term storage facilities”.

It added: “The condition of this equipment is mostly extremely unsatisfactory, which makes its full use impossible.”

The plans to move this equipment into the centre of the conflict have been foiled after so much of it has been looted and sold off by Russian servicemen. 

Mr Browder blamed the level of corruption at lower levels on the corruption that occurs at the highest levels.

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He stated that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has “north of $200 billion” squirrelled away in private bank accounts usually in the name of his wealthy associates.

Russian forces are thought to have suffered losses due to the malfunctions of their military equipment which have been poorly maintained throughout the conflict. 

If the report is verified, the death of the commander will add to the growing list of high-ranking Russian officers who have been killed in the conflict in Ukraine.

So far during the conflict, officials from the West have declared the deaths of seven Russian generals and the sacking of one more after heavy losses and logistical failures.

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