GB News: ‘A lioness’! Ken Livingstone and Nile Gardiner clash over Thatcher’s legacy

GB News: ‘A lioness’! Ken Livingstone and Nile Gardiner clash over Thatcher’s legacy

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Speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News, Mr Gardiner clashed with former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone who completely dismissed the idea suggested by the Tory MPs. While the former aide to Mrs Thatcher couldn’t stop praising the former British Prime Minister, Mr Livingstone pointed out the loopholes in her leadership.

Talking about the latest idea, Mr Gardiner said: “What a great idea, the proposal from a Conservative MP.

“I think we should celebrate the life, legacy, vision and the achievements of Margaret Thatcher.

“A truly great woman, a great PM. She was somebody who lived every moment of her life for the sake of the British people.

“And as a result of her tremendous achievement, as a result of her legacy, Great Britain is a far far stronger nation today, a far freer nation today, and once again I think a resurgent world power on the global stage.

Nile Gardiner and Ken Livingstone

Nile Gardiner and Ken Livingstone clashed over Margaret Thatcher’s legacy (Image: GB News)

Nile Gardiner and Ken Livingstone

The political leaders appeared on GB news to discuss the action of former British Prime Minister (Image: GB News)

“She was a lioness, she was a great warrior, a PM with tremendous courage, conviction and principle, who really, I think, restored the greatness in Britain.

“We should be tremendously grateful for everything that she achieved as PM and Great Britain is a far greater nation today as a result of her leadership, vision, legacy and courage.”

However, Mr Livingstone completely disagreed. He said: “Before Thatcher came to power, in the 35 years between the end of the war and Thatcher getting elected, every Labour and Tory Government increased public spending, expanded services, and life got better year by year. She stopped building council housing.

“You see people dying on the street because they haven’t got a home. She started an appalling change.

“After that 35 years went, everything got better with the Labour and Tory Governments.

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“It started getting worse, people died because of Thatcher. And therefore, I am never going to support a Thatcher memorial.

“She was responsible for the destruction of thousands of lives of people in our country.”

Conservative MPs are pushing for the creation of a Margaret Thatcher Day to celebrate the record of the former Prime Minister.

Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch threw her “personal” endorsement behind the idea in the Commons on Wednesday after she was quizzed on the matter by MPs.

Mr Gardiner gave a befitting reply to the former Mayor of London, saying: “What Ken is saying is complete disinformation, straight out of a twilight zone. There is no relation to reality.

“The reality is that under the Labour Government, before Margaret Thatcher became the PM, Britain was known as the Sick man of Europe.

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Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 (Image: Getty Images)

Margaret Thatcher

Conservative MPs pushing for day to honour their former leader (Image: Getty Images)

“It was mocked widely across Europe and across the world as an economic basket case.

“People were dying as a result of the socialist destructive policies by the Labour Government. The trade unions controlled the country.

“This was not a free nation under Labour but Margaret Thatcher rolled back socialism and she practically defeated it.

“This idea that Britain became poorer under Margaret Thatcher is completely false because she gave millions of Britons the opportunity to buy their own council homes, she cut taxes dramatically, she tremendously raised living standards, she broke down the rising inflation and there is a reason why she won three general elections.

“She didn’t lose because the British people wanted her leadership.

“The Labour party was destroying Britain and Margaret Thatcher rescued Britain and that’s a great achievement.”

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