Durban school suspends classes after fights on grounds

Durban school suspends classes after fights on grounds

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DURBAN – Effingham Secondary School in Durban suspended classes on Friday after a fight broke out on the school grounds on Wednesday amid unconfirmed racism allegations.

What began as an altercation between two schoolgirls, soon erupted into chaos as private security officers and police faced off with dozens of pupils.

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“We’re not sure of the finer details but all we know is a fight broke out between two Grade 12 girls on Wednesday. When the teachers tried to separate them some boys entered into the fray and there was chaos in the school,” KZN Education HOD Nathi Ngcobo said.

“On Thursday again, the fights started and the principal then advised the parents to come and take their kids home.

“When the parents came, the parents of one of the girls assaulted the other girl and there was chaos again and the police came and it resulted in what you saw. The involvement of private security, we’re not sure how they got involved.”

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