KZN roads and infrastructure in dire condition after heavy rains

KZN roads and infrastructure in dire condition after heavy rains

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DURBAN – Roads and other infrastructure are in dire condition after the April floods and more heavy rains this past weekend in KwaZulu-Natal.

The Durban Chamber of Commerce says the province needs more financial support to help expedite repairs.

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The Chamber says flood damage is affecting the province’s economy as many people can’t commute to work and businesses cannot function.

Durban Chamber of Commerce Gladwin Malishe said, “the support would be mainly on the new plans. I think the city needs new plans in terms of the human settlement. We are concerned about that as business because that’s where the workers stay. We need to make sure that the livelihood is better for our  employees. We need to make sure that they are living in better places.”

“They need proper transport in a proper road. It brings an opportunity for business and government to work together and find solutions, restructure, co-create, have a different vision now that we know we’ve got floods and we’ve got the change in weather, what do we do moving forward.”

“We don’t need to put money into the old infrastructure just to bring it back but we need to make sure we are planning for the future, we are planning for more disasters.”

“We are making sure that when disaster comes, our people are safe, businesses are safe.Money on its own is not going to be a solution but the solution would be working together, rehabilitating the human settlement and making sure that people are getting better places to stay….to work.”

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