5 warning signs that indicate you should stop smoking

Smoking is one of the most harmful practices that you can do to degrade your health.

No matter how tempting it may seem, quitting is one of the first steps to progressing your health.

It leads to the development of various health conditions like heart disease, respiratory issues, diabetes, and even cancer.

Not even mentholated, natural, low-tar, or low-nicotine cigarettes do reduce the chance of significant consequences.

Even a tiny amount of smoking, like one cigarette daily, is linked to higher health risks.

Were you aware of the red flags that indicate it’s time to stop smoking? It can range from various signs, including chronic cough to yellow teeth.

This article includes warning signs that indicate it’s time to quit smoking.

5 signs you should stop smoking

1. Shortness of breath

It’s time to stop smoking if you have been suffering from shortness of breath that worsens when you engage in strenuous activity. This is because smoking harms the lungs, making it more difficult to take in and utilise oxygen adequately.

2. Chronic cough

Smoking causes respiratory problems; if you have been coughing for a long time, it’s a warning sign. The cough will be persistent and occur, especially in the morning. This indicates that your lungs are struggling to eliminate the toxins from the smoke. If not treated, it can lead to chronic bronchitis and respiratory issues.

3. Yellow teeth & fingers

Many chemicals used in cigarette smoke have the potential to discolour your teeth and fingers permanently. It may be time to stop smoking if you notice that your teeth are turning yellow or that your fingers have a yellow tint to improve your appearance and general health.

4. Reduced ability to smell & taste

It may be a sign that smoking impacts your body if you notice that your favourite foods don’t taste as nice as they once did or that you can’t smell things as well as you once could. This is because smoking can reduce your ability to smell and taste foods.

5. High blood pressure

The chance of developing atherosclerosis, which is the deposit of fatty substances (plaque) inside the arteries, increases with smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke and is a process that high blood pressure is known to hasten. Increased blood pressure can increase the risk of several health conditions like heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, and sexual dysfunction.

Benefits of quitting smoking

  • Quitting smoking can reduce your chance of cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking.
  • Smoking makes long-term lung disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease more likely. Smoking can improve these symptoms during the first year after they stop smoking.
  • Smoking can increase the chances of osteoporosis. You can reverse this risk by quitting smoking.


If you have tried quitting smoking but could not achieve it, you are not alone. Although withdrawal might be difficult, it can assist if you see the symptoms as indicators that your body is healing. Attempt nicotine replacement therapy or inquire about other drugs with your doctor. It is also better to avoid situations that involve using tobacco products.

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