Best Sugar mummy on SA! 40 year old Nelisa looking for a Ben10 now (18-30)

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Best Sugar mummy on SA who is 40 years old whose name is Nelisa is looking for a Ben10 now. However I am a mother of two twin boys who are now grown up. They are currently studying in America.

I am a divorced and I own half of what my husband own and in other words I mean I have more than enough money to take care of myself and whoever stays with me. My husband found another woman who he believed that is his soul mate.

However I respected his decision and decided to set him free by filling a divorce. It’d now three years since we have divorced and I think it’s time I also find my soul mate and live life to the fullest with him.

Therefore I told my friend about this and she told me about SATESPACE and how she met her soul mate and right now they are currently happy together.

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What best sugar mummy will offer you if you choose her

Firstly if you are in school I would be more than happy paying your school fees and anything you might want for school. Therefore I would also buy you a new car to use daily when going to school and no need to go to the taxi rank. I would also give an allowance.

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You will have access to everything that I own and I mean it. I would give you my full respect and treat you like a man you really are regardless your age.

More so I will listen to what ever you say and support you in everything you do. I will take care of your family, treat them like they are my own. I will support them financially and morally. Additionally I will also take you to vacations in some of the most beautiful places in the world and also in the country

What I want in return

However I hope what I would ask from you would not be that much. I thing I expect from you will be respect. For our relationship to work there should be respect and communication. More so I would like your full attention as your woman.

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Give my children respect also and also treat them as your own. I want someone who will be able to show me off to his friends as his woman. A man who says what’s on his mind and also what’s bothering him rather keeping quiet and saying that everything is fine when it’s not. I want someone who introduces me to his family.

However I have submitted my address and more of my personal information after a friend of mine introduced me to SATESPACE. I have also submitted my address, WhatsApp contact and some of my pictures.

Contact best sugar mummy on SATESPACE

If you are interested in me send your pictures to SATESPACE and click the button below. Thank you admin for giving me this opportunity to start afresh regardless of my age. Again if you have any problem you can contact this same admin of this site on the CONTACT US page for assistance. Thank you for your concern with me just visit SATESPACE below.

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Take my number and WhatsApp me as soon as possible so that we can arrange how we can meet. But note that if you are below 18 years please do not bother to text me. You just wait for your time and you get a chance to have your own choice.

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