A DREAM to win my first LaLiga I Pedri interview I Barcelona v Real Madrid

0:00 INTRO
0:01 If you win the El Clasico, will you basically be considered LaLiga champions?
0:30 Barça has not beaten Real Madrid at the Camp Nou for almost five years. What does this tell you?
0:49 What would it mean to be able to win your first LaLiga?
1:07 Would winning LaLiga and Copa del Rey confirm a new era in Spain?
1:35 What has more value, La Liga or a European title?
1:52 Is it realistic to imagine Barça winning the next Champions League?
2:22 How has Xavi changed the mentality of the dressing room?
2:54 Why are things not working out in Europe?
3:23 At 20 years old, you have already played more than 100 games with Barça. Do you feel like a veteran?
3:40 Can you imagine yourself as a future captain?
4:02 What do you think when you see in the media about ‘Pedri-dependence’?
4:25 How would you rate the season if you win LaLiga and Supercopa?
4:57 If you hadn’t been a footballer, what would you have done for work?
5:16 Do you feel like you’re growing confidence in the locker room?
5:33 What have you learned from Busquets?
6:05 Who has the most technology knowledge in the dressing room?
6:33 Is there a device you couldn’t live without?

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8 days ago

Hope Barca can solve their financial difficulties with La Liga so they can bribe more referees 🙌🏼

Angel Rosie Bella
8 days ago

He is so innocent and adorable

Hastomo Hadi
8 days ago

Pedri = New Iniesta, Gavi = New Xavi 🤔?.

Ghadah Majid
8 days ago

Love him ♥️ He has a great skills to be the captain seeing him leading in the midfield ~ can't wait for him to comeback

k peter g dolo
8 days ago

Not back fully, but the season is great for us cules because the team has been great and we have competed on all fronts this season domestically. And for me Personally the team future is bright for this team, and Xavi Hernandez has done a great job so far, because it's his first full season in charge.

8 days ago

Great to see Hayters expanding into LaLiga. Enhorabuena

(And hopefully you can help make the media there better!)

8 days ago

Pedri is a great guy

8 days ago

great interview

8 days ago

Barcelona are BACK!

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