Alfred Gomis to Managing Madrid: “Camavinga spreads incredible positivity to everyone”

Alfred Gomis, current goalkeeper for Rennes and former teammate of Eduardo Camavinga at the French Club, spoke to Managing Madrid’s chief editor, Kiyan Sobhani, about the French midfielder’s success at Real Madrid.

Gomis spoke about Camavinga’s best position, his infectious positivity, and more.

“The quality that I appreciated the most about Camavinga, in addition to his talent, was the ability to intelligently put himself at the service of what he was told to do and to adapt to the context in which he entered,” Gomis said. “I think this is a quality that all great players must have.”

Gomis also spoke about Camavinga’s best position.

“Camavinga is a player who can play both as a defensive midfielder and as a halfback,” Gomis explained. “I’m certainly not the one who has to suggest his best position, especially since he is lucky to be coached by the great Ancelotti who, I’m sure, he did and will always do the best for him.

“I am not at all surprised by his results at Real Madrid, he is showing what he is worth and I am sure that the best is yet to come.”

Finally, Gomis was full of praise for Camavinga’s personaliy.

“His distinctive feature was to always dance and spread incredible positivity to everyone,” Gomis said. “If I think of Camavinga I remember him like this!”

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