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Happy single lady who is lonely for you to marry in Pretoria or somewhere near. Hey there thanks for being on my page, my name is Catherine and I am thirty two years old. Durban, South Africa is where I reside. I grew up this side and now I am managing my business this side as well. Because I take good care of myself, I font even look like I am in my early thirties.

It is my aim to look ten years younger since I like young men too. I am a loving person and I have been married before. Marriages didn’t work for me and I been single for quite a long time now. Fun is what I am looking for, can’t be committed now.

Am a tall person but my height can’t be compared to men. I put on western weaves and clothes which makes me look more beautiful and younger. Yes I put makeup but I also look good without makeup. If you join SATESPACE you will see more pictures of me until you are satisfied.

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I am looking for a guy who is five to twelve years younger than me. This age range does not give me any headaches. A brown skinned guy who is muscular too, body matters to me. I workout so having someone whom I can go to the gym with will be exciting.

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Any religion is fine by me love overcomes. Someone who is non violent and values peace. One who is gonna respect me not because of my age but as his love.

How I am going to make you happy

I am gonna treat you like you are the only man on earth. I am going to love you truely and make you happy. We all deserve happiness, I won’t make you sad on purpose. We are going to have fun.

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You will have my time and attention. You will also use my car since we will be dating. Since it’s not a serious relationship, you will have your freedom. As long as you give me my time I am cool with it.

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