Barcelona ‘in contact’ with Red Star winger Stefan Mitrovic

Barcelona are keeping an eye on promising Serbian midfielder Stefan Mitrovic. The youngster has shown loads of potential for club side Red Star and has already made his debut for Serbia.

Mitrovic’s father claimed on Twitter that Barcelona were in contact with him and his son.

“As a father, I have to say yes Barça is in contacts with us — same as few other big clubs.”

Red Star’s sporting director Zvezdan Terzić has also confirmed that they had offers on the table from three “very important clubs”, which I find pretty funny to describe clubs as important. Deep pockets equal important I suppose.

“We have had offers from three very important clubs — offers exceeding six million euros, but we haven’t sold him.”

Zvezdan Terzić | Source

Mitrovic has already played for Radnicki Nis and Red Star this year so he couldn’t be moved this window. The lad shows great footwork outside and could be someone to deliver some nice crosses into the box, definitely a player to keep an eye on this summer.

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