Calhanoglu reveals Onana’s advice on how to attack Ter Stegen

After a tough loss midweek to Inter Milan, Barcelona find themselves in a precarious situation in regards to their Champions League success. The goal that propelled Inter to the win on Tuesday was a shot to the bottom corner from Hakan Calhanoglu and attacked Ter Stegen in just the right place.

After the match, Calhanoglu revealed that he got some advice from his own keeper that propelled him to the goal.

“I’d talked earlier with Andre [Onana] about the possibility of kicking the ball into that corner where Ter Stegen is a bit weaker,” he said. “Luckily the ball found its way in and then we won.”

“Today we worked very well as a team. We certainly felt the effects of the loss against Roma in a match where perhaps we deserved more. We deserved the win tonight.”

Calhanoglu | Source

Ter Stegen and Barca have only conceded once in seven La Liga games but three times in three Champions League matches.

Let’s hope Inter don’t take advantage of the bottom corner at the Camp Nou next week.

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