Cavani says he started therapy after Barcelona’s UCL remontada

There’s no doubt losing affects people in different ways and certain losses impact that even more. That’s the case with Barcelona’s insane comeback against PSG in the 2017 Champions League quarters.

Edison Cavani, now at Valencia, played in that match, and recently admitted that the loss impacted him in such a way he started therapy as a result.

“The first time (I went to therapy) was after Barça’s comeback against PSG,” he said. “It affected me a lot and there are things that weight you down. In five minutes, everything that we had been doing changed,” he said.

“It’s a huge blow which you can’t control and, even though it is football, it touches other parts of your person as well, with anxiety, cold sweats, I got dizzy sleeping, I was afraid of going to sleep… I wondered if I had a problem with my head.”

Cavani | Source

Props to Edison for being so transparent. Athletes that are that much in the spotlight admitting therapy is a good thing and how it helped them is awesome

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