Celeb blogger Musa Khawula breathes fire: Lulo Cafe has a very small 4-5, I’ll share his nu_des again

Notorious blogger Musa Khawula has rubbished rumours that he is behind bars. This follows after his Twitter account was suspended after leaking DJ Lulo Cafe’s alleged nude video.

Musa came under fire for violating Lulo’s privacy and tweeps went on to insinuate that he was arrested.

The blogger who is known for his no-filter commentary on pop-culture is embroiled in the murder case following the murder of Wandile Khambule. It is reported that he allegedly fatally stabbed Wandile in March. He recently appeared at the Vredenburg Magistrate’s Court and the case was postponed to 19 October 2022.

Tweeps speculated that his disappearance from Twitter was as a result of his alleged arrest rumors. However, the blogger has put those rumours to bed. He said he was not arrested.

An account with over 16K followers has been tweeting pretending to be Musa Khawula’s newly created account, but he says it was active even when his account was active. Speaking about the fake account Musa said “No it is not mine. It has never been mine,” he said.

Upon being asked if he would be returning to Twitter soon, he said, “To be honest with you I don’t know. But it takes two seconds to create a new account. That account has never been mine and it was there when I was back on my account,” he said.

The blogger has since opened a new Twitter account and in a Twitter space titled Proof of life, Musa slammed those who are dragging him and said he gave them relevant content, but now they are calling for the end of his career.

“‘The fez bone we are picking is that f*cking guy. I raised my account for your and you b*tches don’t even f*cking respect me after I risked my account. I gave you all good as content and and I and I left. And when I left, I don’t even feel bad.”

Musa said he does not regret sharing Lulo Cafe’s nudes and said he will be sharing them again on his YouTube channel.

“I don’t feel bad that the last thing I said was look at his nudes. I’ll share them again they coming on my f*cking Youtube I don’t give a shit I still got that video I might share them on my fucking Youtube that fucking nude I didn’t say it by mistake I would do it again so that means I don’t regret anything I don’t

He even took a swipe at Lulo Cafe’s nudes. “His d*ck. So small. So, I can never apologise for that. I can apologise. If you have a big d*ck, maybe I’ll owe you an apology. But if you’re shit so small and it looks so tired, I do not owe you a f*cking apology. You owe the community and apology for walking around like you got a big d*ck.

Meanwhile you got some small as sh*t. So, No, we we not. Sorry. Like, I don’t give a f*ck. And one of the first videos I’m gonna share on my YouTube page will be that f*cking video. We’re back to square one. And if you go lower, I go even lower. If you go lower, I go to hell. That’s where you’re going to be. And I wasn’t arrested. I I’ve been here so long,” he said.

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