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Online single mum by the name Sphiwe is looking for love from any man who has interests with me. However i am Sphiwe and am thirty three years old. Sometime last year I lost my only son who was four years old.

Therefore a few weeks after my son died, my husband decided to divorce me. Our child was the only reason we were still together, he didn’t love me anymore. Since January I have been living by myself and I feel so lonely. I have my own properties and two businesses that I run.

This is where I get my income to take care of my everyday needs and wants. On my spare time I go watch football or go for swimming. If not, I will be home alone. I am a loving and caring woman, that I know. My friends say I have a beautiful smile and small eyes. I have natural brown hair, kinky but beautiful.

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Online single mum looking for

A man who is mature and responsible to perform the duties of a father. An understanding man who also respects my decisions. Someone who is loyal and willing to settle down with me. One who can show me the beauty of love I never had. I am looking for a hardworking and God fearing man who promotes peace and love.

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However the man must be thirty-four years and above. A man who is willing to start a happy family and move on with me. Someone who is real with me and does not mind being my partner for life. If you have your own child or kids which does not exceed two, I don’t mind. It will actually make me feel better and comfort me of the son I lost. They will be in good hands, I got love for kids.

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However I promise to give you my support and love. More so i am going to cover some of the expenses and perform wife duties. More over I will respect you, your decisions, your family and your kids if you have some. Spend most of my free time with you. Happiness everyday, I will not make you sad. Follow your instructions and let you conclude on decisions. Peace and loyalty, I will put no other man above you.

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Only if you are serious with me then we can talk further on Facebook. Be the first to text me and be the lucky one. As soon as you text I will send you more pictures. My Facebook number is +27 83 620 9226.

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Lastly i am going to welcome you to my home place that is if you can take my home address. You can be given my address with the admin of this site from the CONTACT US page of this site. Do not be afraid and feel free my guy. Thank you for your great appreciation.

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