Dolly, 21. looking for a man to give me company



My name is Dolly Chapel. I am 21 years looking for a man to settle with.Dolly is a good girl who is considered of herself. Despite the beauty, i am a girl who is humble and i respect everyone for they are. About religion i was raised, in a christian family and that shaped me to the girl i am today. i have not ventured much in online businesses but i am building my own online trading platform. the goal is to be my own boss by the time i am 25. Growing up i was always told to be creative and try to start my own things as often as i could.

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I am basically looking for a serious guy. Of course other things matter but as long as you are serious then we can talk. i am a potential wife. that means i have to look for those characteristics only displayed by potential husbands. Unlike most women, i pay attention to small details and that makes me different. i have always believed that it is the small things that matter the most.

love is not about money but gifts like roses and teddy bears would really warm my heart. i just hope i am not asking for too much here. But if you do not posses any of these qualities please do not bother texting. if you have any of them, however, feel free to contact me.

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ALSO CHOOSE  Single beautiful lady for you to marry


The next thing we are going to do after knowing each other really well is to travel the world. i will be happy to introduce you to my parents so we can start our life together. if you are happy about me you can also do the same and then contact me on my whatsapp number which is +27 78 182 4720