Elaine marks 3rd birthday of her debut project, “Elements”

Elaine celebrates the 3rd year anniversary of her debut project, Elements.

Over the weekend, the star penned down a brief note about the EP, saying it changed her life.

“Happy 3rd birthday to my baby. She changed my life forever. Forever grateful for the love,” she wrote.

The project evidently changed Elaine’s life as she went from national to international; signed to an international company and she joined the list of SA celebrities who have relocated to the US.

In 2019, she announced the release of the EP with the following words:

“Took me over a year to put this project together. I had to start over multiple times, but it’s finally come full circle. I wrote every word from the depths of my heart, and I hope you guys hear it & feel it. S/o to my amazing team too.”

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