Latest lady Needs A Smart Man In South Africa This is fantastic news now!

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Latest lady Needs A Smart Man In South Africa This is fantastic news now. However my name is Chantel and people call me Chanty babe. I am 35 years old single lady searching for a smart guy to love me anywhere in South Africa.

Distance is not a barrier where ever you are i will come to meet you if you are serious. What i only hates is fake guys who pretend to love you but deep inside their hearts are negative.

I am seriously looking for a man to date who is single and have never been in marriage before. As i grew up i never get a chance to have any boyfriend because my parents were very strict with my movements.

In fact they wants me to firstly finish off my studies before i can independently live my own life. But i can realize that this was a good idea since now i am owning my company for selling casual clothing in South Africa.

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However maturity is now on my mind and having to be marriage is now my goal. I am looking for someone ready to marry me before this year end. I am looking for a man who is capable to give me children. Someone who is 20 and above and ready to stay with me.

Husband attributes expected by this latest lady

just because i am desperately looking for love does not mean i am ready to be with anybody. i am looking for a guy who is at least employed and it does not matter which job. As long as you are working.

But if you are not working i will make you to be the boss of my company. my car will be yours as well as my house provided you have proved to love me. Am seriously looking for someone who is ready for marriage.

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Do not be afraid if you do not earning a lot of money where you are employed. you do not have to be rich. I do have money as i am currently running this company of mine.

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After taking my details provide yours too. I need your place of birth, your location currently, your age and tell whether you are single or not. If single you are the right guy i am looking for. If you are not this is not your chance to take me.

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