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My name is Corrie Kunene a rich sugar mum living in Capetown. I am a young sugar mum aged 32 years. However I am looking for a hot naught , gigantic and energetic guy who is passionate to be my boyfriend and lover. I am too career oriented.

However l run few businesses in Capetown and around South Africa.
Therefore, please do not send a message if you think l am going to send you a nude. I have respect for myself and l want to share my life with someone not just only my body. However if you are here to play games then this is the wrong platform.

Your sugar mum expectations

However i am expecting a handsome guy ages from 24 years to 28 years. Someone who pay attention to his hygiene and invest in a good colleague. In other words someone who does not expect too much, wait and good things will come. Also someone who pay attention to his personal grooming too. Someone who makes me laugh showing me how charming and funny he is.

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Therefore someone who is not scared of an intelligent and successful woman. Also a man who goes to gym and controls his fitness always. Apart from the above someone who truly loves me and me only.

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My promises to him.

However your sugar mum will make you laugh always. More so be a good wife material who makes her husband happy. I will go for shopping with you in different countries. Also will make sure l will spoil you as my husband.
Above all will go for vacations with you.

And also l will start a business for us that will generate more income for you. Lastly but not least will truly love you and will spend the rest of my life with you.

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