Single lady Nancy is only here to have a guy i can travel and have fun with, Nothing serious. Get my WhatsApp now

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Single lady Nancy is only here to have a guy i can travel and have fun with, Nothing serious. However get my WhatsApp now and get in touch with me as soon as possible. If you are a single guy this is your chance to get a single lady like me. Therefore first come first serve. I will reply the first guy to send me a sweet message to my inbox.

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If you are not interested in my long boring story. You can always go down to the last paragraph and get my number straight away. I will give you a reply if you whatsapp me maturely. Anywhere here is my story: My full name is Nancy Forbes. My father is Swedish and my mother is a South African. These parents are very caring and loving. I am really grateful for them and i have never taken them for granted.

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Although i am beautiful, is still get choosey when it comes to boys. Strictly boyfriends were never my top choice. About me i am really a good kid. I laugh a lot, i do not hold grudges and i am always honest even when its dangerous. People say that i am a little spoiled but i think its because they are just jealousy. after all its not my fault that my parents are rich, i can not refuse the latest car when they give out to me on my birthday.

Despite riches and everything, i know the value of money. In my family we do not just throw money around. Boys should be addicted to fun. That is what i am looking for here. i want a man who wants fun. drinking, smoking and forgetting all those limits set by our parents because life is short. In the next few years we will be mothers and fathers so i think now its the best time to have all the fun. No strings, no rules and no guilt.

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I am really into travelling. As long as you are willing to travel with me. i will pay for everything. my parents are millionaires and they do not mind me travelling with friends. what i can not promise you is my heart though. All i want between us is fun. if we develop student feelings for each other i will connect that to be a trap.

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Thanks for getting my number i expect you to send me a sweet message. If you have any any problem you may feel free to contact the admin on the CONTACT US page of this site to get assistance.

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