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Single woman is on this site looking for a boyfriend material who is humble and mature. Hey there, my name is Mary and I am twenty eight years old. Pretoria is where I reside and that’s where I grew up. However I also work this side but I don’t earn much. Therefore I want to start a family now.

My two younger sisters are already married and my parents are now pressurizing me. Not just for my parents but for me as well. Therefore I now want kids. All of my mates have at least one kid if not two. More so I am a loving person if you get to know me well.

Am not selfish, I consider others as well. Apart from the above I am a Christian and I put God first. Also I love music a lot and that is how I express my emotions. More so I am also a choir member at my church. Started singing at a young age so it’s my talent. I am slightly above average in height. I have nice curves and they make my dresses fit well.

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The type of man wanted by this single woman

I prefer someone whose age is between twenty eight and thirty five years old. Not someone who is too old for me. I am not being picky, any race is okay, love conquers. A God fearing man who is caring and kind. Someone who won’t raise his hand at me.

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One who considers gender equality to, who doesn’t see himself as superior. A hardworking man who has a source of income to take care of me and my needs. Someone who will spoil me with love and joy everyday. One who promises me happiness and loyalty. Someone who is prepared to marry soon. Has no side relationships and shows me off in public. Smart and presentable to match my personality.

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My promises after choosing me

You won’t have to be sad, I will make you the happiest man. I will love you no matter what life throws at us. I promise not to shout at you when you do me wrong. Misunderstandings will be solved through talking things through.

Follow your instructions and respect you for who you are. Stay loyal and faithful to you. Ready to meet and respect your family too. Basically I will treat them like mine. I will not hide anything from you, what’s mine will definitely be yours.

Whatsapp number number for this single woman

As you can see the post is still here, it means I haven’t found someone yet. You are the right one for me. If you have no problem with the above mentioned then text me. I will be waiting for your whatsapp message. Please only if you are serious with me. My whatsapp number is +27 64 144 5496

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If you also visit this site CONTACT US page you can get more bio info about myself including my home address. You can also come to my home place if you are a genuine guy with interests on me. Thank you for going to text me.

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