“I’m an extremely busy artist” – Khaya Dladla



Khaya Dladla has revealed that he has a very tight schedule to the extent that he is rejecting gigs.

The radio presenter said he has a lot on his plate at the moment.

Khaya said even though he was turning some opportunities, he could not say no to one of being a presenter on a TV show.

He said: “I’m an extremely busy artist. If I’m not on TV-am on the radio. And if am not there, am at a gig program directing or busy running my own casting agency, So sometimes am forced to turn down job offers.

However, Khaya admitted that due to contractual obligations, he could not share more information about the TV show.

“The terms and conditions of the contract prevent me from revealing the name, TV station it will be aired on and the day it will be premiere”


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