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You just found yourself a diamond

I’m a beautiful young princess that no man out there can resist. My beauty can tear down walls and move mountains. Every man gets nervous when they see me and they tremble down to their lowest level before saying any of their intended words. It’s interesting to watch.

They start getting confused and going off their main primary topic. This is sad because it leaves me single. All I do in the meantime is to look at them straight in the eye, trying to show them I’m only human like everyone else and I don’t bite.

So that’s it guys, that’s the reason why I’m single. Because I always break them down at first site. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to perfect it they will always end up getting paranoid and nervous. It’s this paranoia that had led me to losing many potential husbands. Who thought beauty could be a problem? Obviously no one, even I still don’t wanna believe it is a problem for me.

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I think you can be there hero in this story

Let’s see how brave you are. It’s your time to outshine all these men who fall at first site. I want our first sure to be so beautiful and memorable. This i know you can do. I’m sure you can hold eye contact just for a little longer without directing away to anything else. This will make you very attractive in my eyes because you will by default become the best one I’ve met so far.

I think it’s all about the confidence of the guy. For me I will just stand there, while you scratch your head back and forth trying to find the best topic to impress me with. If you are confident enough you can just talk about anything that comes into your head at that moment. That’s what will set you apart.

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Okay, let’s text.

Like I said I’m new to SATESPACE so I really don’t know how it works but I’m learning. I’m also loving the site and nicely it was designed. The other good thing is that it’s easy to join. I joined using a button. I’m sure they will automatically provide the same button somewhere below this paragraph, look for it, click it and join. Our future is bright together.

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