Imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo started his career in Laliga like Lionel Messi 😳

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3 months ago

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cool bro
3 months ago

GOD of football..siuu🔥❤️❤️

Julker Taou
3 months ago

This comparisons is so unfair. Because Messi wasn’t a starter of Barcelona in his early years. Though you Ronaldo fan boys count those years as if Messi played all La Liga matches in his 17 years of Spanish football! 🤦‍♂️

Secondly, Ronaldo came to La Liga after winning the Balon D'Or with Manchester United. Of course he was going to start for Real Madrid starting Xl and score as much hat-trick as Messi with less La Liga years.

If you want to compare them with this logic, then compare them after Ronaldo's arrival in La Liga. You'll see Messi score more goals with less appearances in La Liga. Use common sense!

Elisama Da silva
3 months ago

bro am i the only one who heard a psst on this?

Elisama Da silva
3 months ago


Prathamesh Naik
3 months ago

Clowns every where these day💀

L Thomas90
3 months ago

IF and BUTS don’t mean a thing. IF Messi played for Spain he would have 3 or 4 world cups 😂

Oh My Bike
3 months ago

Now add the assists with those hattricks of messi. Comparing him with a box player is a disrespect to football. With this dumb logic, messi would be the highest goal scorer if he played for Spain in Europe. These videos may make you a toxic ronaldo fan, but never a football fan.

Hudaifa Hussain
3 months ago

Mean while Haaland playing fifa career mode on easy difficulty

3 months ago

The most of tham with penaltys

3 months ago

Messi wouldn’t survive in the premier league

Abdul Rahman
3 months ago

Nothing happened because cr7 came Spain in his prime

kshitiz lama
3 months ago

Did u count penalties

3 months ago

hat's off

3 months ago

All the Messi fans here who are saying Penaldo penaldo i just want to ask how many times Messi performed in big stages where your team needs you just performing in the farmers league scoring goals choking against Big teams missing penaltys ronny is a beast when it comes to take penaltys that's why you call him penaldo bcz Messi can't take penaltys like Ronaldo and yes also Ronaldo can't give assist to his team mates like messi so all messi fans and ronaldo fans have to respect each of the players stop calling Ronaldo penaldo and Messi pessi they both are goat and all the football fans around the world love them 🐐🇵🇹 ❤️🐐🇦🇷 ❤️

3 months ago

Haaland scored 4683736383873 in 2 seconds 😂

Strongfohead utalkinbout
3 months ago

and that’s how good messi is, an attacking midfielder/winger and scores more goals than the top strikers.. not to mention playmaking, that’s another level

Abdulrahman Ezat
3 months ago

Music name ??

Anonymous Gamer 80
3 months ago

It's easy to score hat trick when you play as a main cf

3 months ago

Messi was a winger and Ronaldo was a forward. Messi and Ronaldo played 9 years together but within that time space, Ronaldo had 450 goals with goal ratio of 1.02 but Messi had 472 goals with ratio of 1.03. Ronaldos form wouldn't always have been top notch and any matured football minded person would understand

Archit Sehgal
3 months ago

Haaland scored 3 prem Hatricks in 8 games ☠️☠️

3 months ago

lmao only thing ronaldo can bring to the table is goals and don't forget when ronaldo arrived at la liga he is already season while messi started at laliga. I could say the same thing for messi if he started out in EPL. facts is facts messi scored 2 hat trick against epl teams while ronaldo only scored 3 hat tricks being played in the epl. so whats your point?

3 months ago

During messi's reign at barca messi had 15 braces that could've turned into pens. "B-but he didn't take them so he didn't score" pens have over 70% conversion rate messi is at 80%. Let's say he magically drops this number and scores only half of the penalties. This still puts him above ronaldo.

3 months ago

Ronaldo is a goal scoring machine
Messi is a playmaking/goal making alien

Abhay Tiwari
3 months ago

Comparing Messi's establishing year to Ronaldo's prime years😂
When Ronaldo was in laliga from 2009-2018 Messi scored more goals than him I will not bring assists because there exists no debate.

3 months ago

Cristiano with real Madrid (2009-2018) 16 trophies / messi with Barcelona (2009-2011-2015) 16 trophies 🧐😒😜

3 months ago

Cr7🐐❤️ greatest football player of all time 😌😌

David Novack
3 months ago

Agaimst levante what e fee

Partha Sarathi Bhowmik
3 months ago

Hey kid…do you know Ronaldo joined Real Madrid during his prime and Messi is playing from early age….You only know to edit knowledge of football..go and watch some FOOTBALL…KID 🤣

Johar Ansari
3 months ago


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