INVINCIBLES NO MORE?! What went wrong for Real Madrid?! | LaLiga Centro | ESPN FC

INVINCIBLES NO MORE?! What went wrong for Real Madrid?! | LaLiga Centro | ESPN FC
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Shelumiel Ediriarachchi
5 months ago

Even Arsnel drew in the INVINCIBLE season. So What?

Renaldo Matadeen
5 months ago

more gemma, less Alexis

5 months ago

They still are invincible. They didn't lose.

What a title. Almost as bad as the thumbnail.

Overlanding Utah
5 months ago

Imagen being so big and good that when you draw everyone is talking about it like it was a lose.

Eric Nana
5 months ago

Just take it easy on Madrid ESPN soccer panels because they only had one draw game and already crucify them. Ha!

Jeremy Herrera
5 months ago

Title says “time for a new penalty taker” like this isn’t the same person who scored a Paneka while down 4-2 in ucl semi final away @ man city, and scored a PK to send Madrid to the UCL FINAL.

Rojaunn Jones
5 months ago

Give osasuna credit 😊

5 months ago

Real madrid are finished. they cant do anything wthout modric

Walt Draper
5 months ago

Draw one game…and people act like it's the end of the world

Teuboua Pristelle
5 months ago

Var did everything for them to win that match but thank God it didn't happened they are still unbeaten though

Tim Brakefield
5 months ago

Madrid need to remember that even the best players need to be shown the door at some point. Some players will gracefully exit on their own. Others will need to be forced. Madrid has young exciting talent, and they need to focus on that instead of catering to sacred cows like Barcelona did leading their demise.

tinoda chinamhora
5 months ago

Did they lose . stick to other sports commentary instead

Zk Motivation
5 months ago

Happiness is when someone subscribe you by reading ur comment🥰

5 months ago

There’s nothing wrong. It’s clearly that Ancelotti did some rotation so everyone have chances to play. They underestimate osasuna and cost themselves 3 points

Mr Raccoon
5 months ago

I was at the game. Modrić not playing was a blow. Missed his creativity. No Modrić No Party🎉

Universal Content 🐐
5 months ago

From what I have seen, Laliga title will have a lot to do with head to head record the team that wins the Classico have a higher chance of winning it.

5 months ago

55:55 Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos?
It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that

Pimp daddy
5 months ago

ESPN is just begging for Real Madrid downfall 🥱🥱

5 months ago

Bruh it was just a draw… stop acting like we lost 5-0

5 months ago

Lol it's just a draw,why are people acting like it's a loss? We're still unbeaten for the entire season and Osasuna always is a tough match up but I guess when you're the biggest club itw you're held to high standards

Shane Williams
5 months ago

Aren't they still invincibles? Because they haven't lost??

5 months ago

It's just one game

De Code
5 months ago

??? Wasn't Arsenal invincible & other clubs because they didn't lose, not because they won every game? Real Madrid didn't lose…

Amadou Cisse
5 months ago

Keep the criticism coming ESPN. The end results don’t lie. I wish there was an ESPN also criticizing how bad ESPN gets it wrong when it comes to real madrid.

A Meng
5 months ago

Jeez its just one game

5 months ago

Football is an interesting sport where anything can happen jowcer 1 draw isn't gonna collapse Real Madrid

5 months ago

Yeahhh they and Barca are still undefeated so both are on track for invincibility.

Ivan D0
5 months ago

Barcelona'a media arm….
They drew one game and now ESPN is losing their minds but we know it's just to antagonize the team they hate. Stop acting like the league is lost. Stop acting like so much changed. They were never invincible so don't act like people said they were. RM dropped points last season but ultimately performed when it mattered.

Jaime Nazaryan
5 months ago

theiy are just tired of winning , theiy need a bit of a break ,,,, and then theiy can get back to dominating everyone , thats for sure

Let’s talk why
5 months ago

Nothing went wrong the literally drew one match and u guys are all over it

sachin devprasad
5 months ago

Alaba or Kroos should be the penalty taker

Charles Apana
5 months ago

Yeah that's part of the game, they are stoppable

Chris Kara 1926
5 months ago

They didn't even lost. They just drew

George Nuamah
5 months ago

They struggle against bottom teams 😮

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