“It was stupid,” Nasty C regrets buying a Rolex wristwatch

Nasty C opens up on about how he regretted buying a Rolex wristwatch with his first big cheque in his music career.

The rapper spoke about the event during an interview with American presenter, Saige Jones.

He said it was a stupid act to have lavished his money on such an expensive watch with his first proceed from music.

Nasty said he felt dumb after being robbed and the Rolex was gone.

“My terrible one was buying an expensive watch,  I wanted a Rolex … I wanted that kind of satisfaction.”

“It wasn’t necessary, it was stupid , … I got robbed, it was like a house invasion, and I’m just like man that was dumb.”

However, he didn’t regret buying himself an apartment back then.

“I bought an apartment I’m leasing out so that was my first key,” he said.

Speaking about the watch, TshishaLIVE revealed: “The watches, which are assembled by hand, range from R93,000 to R3m in SA, according to Luxity.”

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