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Sugar mummy on SATESPACE is desperately looking for a handsome guy to get in love with. However I can be your sugar mom if you want me. More so I am rich and you will be happy to be with me because I also look young and beautiful.

I really need a younger man right now who can remind me of my childhood days. If you want us to get tested before we take things further, I will pay for all that. When me, it doesn’t matter where your are right.

There’s only a few countries that I have never visited. I can go wherever I want and that means I can also come get your wherever you might be and that won’t even take time.

What i likes

I love drinking, partying and coming home late. If this also describes you then why don’t you text me right now. We will drink together sit at the balcony mansion looking at stars and listening to some good music telling each other those sweet stories.

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What I want you to do right now is to scroll to the last paragraph and hit the SATESPACE button so we can start talking right now. Time is important and you don’t have to waste it. I want you to be the first one to text me.

1. Make sure you are old enough though

I want you to be at least 18 years of age so that we won’t have limits on having fun.

2. You should be serious about me.

I’m not playing around. Only text me on SATESPACE if you know that you are serious. Don’t waste my time.

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3. I like honest men.

Don’t lie to me. I like honest dudes who say things at they are. Always keep it real when me and I will stay when you for the long. Whether it sounds good or not, be honest with me all the time so that I can trust you.

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