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Latest lady online whose name is Zoe but my friends call me Zee. I am a successful lawyer and I work at one of the best law firms in the country. I have no children and I’ve just got out of relationship with my long time lover but he never had any marriage intentions with me so when I brought up the topic he just dumped me.

I’ve have never been this hurt in my entire life. My friends decides that I should go on a 3 months vacation maybe I might find love and mend my broken heart again but I don’t think I will ever get into a serious relationship again.

Why this latest lady online is here

I am looking for a young tall handsome dude with muscles. I don’t want any serious relationship. All I want is someone to spent the vacation with and then after that we go our separate ways.

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I don’t want any attachment it’s just having fun and doing some crazy things together. No taking pictures or talking about our past lives.

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I just want to get over this heartbreak and move on with my life but I can’t do that alone, I need someone to help me by being with me and teaching me how to enjoy.

However I won’t mind if you take drugs or alcohol as long as you know how to have fun and make me laugh then that’s it. After this vacation we will go back to our old lives.

What I offer or my promises

One thing I promise you is we are going to have the best time of our lives. I will pay for everything. Before we go, I will transfer some money in your account that you will use after the vacation. If I enjoy your service or should I say your company then after the vacation I will send you more.

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Money is not my problem but how to spend it. I will buy you new clothes and the latest smartphone before we go so that you will be satisfied that I am a woman of my word.

During the vacation I will give you my time. All expenses are on me, all you have to do is to make sure I am enjoying your company and making sure I am having fun.

How to latest lady online

Click the SATESPACE button below to get my address, more personal information about me and also my pictures. I have submitted my WhatsApp contact too. I hope you find me interesting and go on this vacation with me. Please also send your pictures to SATESPACE so that I can also see them.

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Sign up below to get my full information. If you have any problems you get seek help from the admin of this site however only if you click the CONTACT US page of this site immediately.

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Take my details after you sign up for satespace then you come privately to my WhatsApp number.

Make sure you are above 20 years if you are interested with me. But what i know is that i am not going to loose hope for getting what i am looking here.

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