Sugar mum Laury looking for a man above 40.I want to be in a serious relationship any place in SA now

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Sugar mum Laury looking for a man above 40. However I want to be in a serious relationship any place in South Africa now. My age is 36. I am looking for a man above 40 years of age with a good job and at least has two kids.

Therefore I am currently working at hotel. Apart from this I don’t have kids and I stay alone but during the holidays my little sister visits me. More over I have been in some no strings attached relationships but I think it’s high time I settle down and age is not on my side. However I don’t mind about race and as for me I am colored.

Type of a guy expected by this sugar mum Laury

I am searching for a man who is kind, loyal and caring. However I also want a man who knows about his duties as a man and who knows how to take care of a woman.

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A man who doesn’t take drugs or alcohol. More so a man who wants me in his life and spoils me. And another thing a man who is supportive through every step I take and always brings out the good in me and not always the bad.

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In addition a man who involves me in everything that he does. Who comes home early and spends quality time with me and also gives me attention. Who doesn’t have mood swings.

I want someone who has never been on the wrong side of the law. Therefore I mean someone who has a clean record. More over I want some one who is not stingy. Going out and exploring the world is part of what I want in the relationship. A man who is not afraid of saying what’s on his mind.

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