Lets strike a deal here: you never tell your wife about me and i never tell my boring husband about you.

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My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzy. I am only here for fun. I want to get that which my husband does not give me. at thirty years, i am sorry rich and bored of this marriage. when you starts its all roses but as you go things get boring. i wont consider this cheating. i will consider it having fun. i will be in love with man and you should be still in love with your wife.

That is how i want it to be, no complications. you do not check my phone and i do not check yours.Phones address for our partners in marriage. we will text each other all the time, meet all the time and visit all the places in the world because i can afford that. let us travel together. i do not want strings though. just try not gal in love because i really wont fall in love with you. i already have a husband and thats not about to change anytime soon. i wii give you everything you want, every inch of my body, just not my passion.

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i am a humble woman and i will never let my money get the best of me. cheating is not something i want. what i want is to enjoy life while i still can. if i do not enjoy it now then maybe i will never have a chance again. i have to admit that sometimes my temper is a mess. you can easily get me angry if you use too many lies and you can not listen to what i say. this makes me violent sometimes and i just thought that maybe i have to let you know before you try and talk to me

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