Linda Mtoba marks daughter’s 3rd birthday

Linda Mtoba celebrates her daughter, who turned 3-year-old on Monday, the 3rd of October.

The actress had a small celebration for the cutie, as she was seen in a video holding a balloon with a cake beside her.

Happy Birthday to our Beanie Pie 03/03,” Linda captioned the post.

Mtoba is quite private about her family, but she enjoys celebrating their special days on the socials.

Speaking about motherhood two years ago, Linda Mtoba wrote:

“If there’s one thing I love being, it’s being a mom. But today, listen… I was 5 to tears trying to find a bra size cause my breasts have changed so much and even my size differs depending on the time of day (before feeding or after) and there I was in a maze of bras confused AF about which bra would fit me, which bra would give me the best support & be flattering on me.”

“In the process of loving the “new” me and all the changes that come with it. In the process of me, as I try to better myself there’s so much I need to learn to love.”

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