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Simple single lady looking for a man from Jo-burg to date however if you are mature enough for relationships. Please read my post below and if you have some interests with me then you can whatsapp me. Therefore if you are in Johannesburg or somewhere around this is your chance to get me.

General information for this simple single lady

Hey there, my name is Lisa and I am a simple single lady reside in Jo-burg. I am thirty nine years and not yet in marriage. This is because my older sister who is 40 is not yet in marriage.

However our culture doesn’t allow the younger one to be in marriage before the older one is. Since I don’t know how long am going to be single, I want someone I can have fun with.

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More about me – single lady

However I am a simple single lady who is done with school and already working for herself. I don’t need money from a man unless he volunteers. Furthermore I run a couple of businesses in the CBD and I have a few properties of my own. What is only lacking is someone whom i can enjoy life with.

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I have a good appearance. Medium height and an a big size body. Faint curves but I still look good in any type of clothes. More so I have a youthful face and skin. Long face and I wear wigs on my short hair which am hoping will be long soon.

What  am looking for and what am willing to offer

I am on this platform looking for a man around Joburg, someone who is close by. Someone I can date for fun, while waiting for my sister to get in marriage first. Although it is for fun, I don’t want someone who is in marriage, it will become complicated. The age range I prefer is from thirty to thirty three years old. A muscular guy who is non violent. I don’t want someone who is lighter than me, so a dark guy will do.

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Me as your single lady I will satisfy your needs as a man. When you choose me, you will be happy and peaceful. I will not demand for things like money from you, love is all I want. Someone I can go out and have fun with is who am looking for. This is because I wanna enjoy before I get married as well. However I will support you in any way you want to be supported.

How to contact this simple single lady

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You can send a message on my whatsapp number. We will discuss more on how and where to meet on the phone. If you doubt my profile we can still meet first and am okay with that. My whatsapp number is +27 71 047 4014

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You can also get my physical home address so that if you want to come to my home you may come as soon as possible. Just click the CONTACT US page of this site and get my address now. After that then send me a message on whatsapp.

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