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My name is Keatola therefore I am a lovely single lady. l am thirty one years old. I live in Pietermaritzburg and I own a few properties here. However as I grew up I always spent most of my time on books. I never got time to build relationships it was not a necessity for me.

Therefore because of that all my younger sisters are married now and I should get married too. Now I need someone very serious, a man with focus. Someone who is willing to spend his life with me.

expectations by lovely single lady.

However l am looking for a single man who is thirty three years old and above. In addition a man who is looking for a serious life partner. If you don’t work it is okay with me. I just want a man I can call mine.

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Therefore l do not mind if you receive a salary or not. An attentive man who got true and real love. If so, then I am the right person for you. A hardworking man who shows effort on contributions financially or in any other way.

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Someone who is willing to marry me and start a family with me. Most of all a God fearing man who is peaceful. One who knows how to solve misunderstandings without violence.

My promises when you choose me.

Therefore I will love you and take good care of you. More so some expenses will be covered by me, you won’t be alone but l have got your back.

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Support you financially in everything you do. Respect you as my husband. You will have my time and attention. Your family, I will see it as mine.

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