Memphis Depay transfer drama spikes as Atletico won’t let Carrasco go – report

Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have been going back and forth in regards to a transfer for a couple weeks now. It all started with Memphis Depay perhaps making a move to Atletico to get some more playing time in a role that better suited him.

That transformed into the situation evolving into a swap deal that would see Atletico send Yannick Carrasco back to Barcelona in exchange for Depay. That deal never made a whole lot of sense for Atletico since Depay’s contract runs out in the summer.

Yet it seemed to make sense to Carrasco, as the Belgian’s agent admitted he was keen on the idea. The problem is Atletico really don’t share the opinion and will not let him go in January.

Simeone’s side are also now reportedly telling Barca they’re moving on and will just sign Memphis for a free in June. Things are getting spicy and spiteful, just how we like it between league rivals.

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