Moleen 32>>my husband is boring and not phenomenal. I want someone aside for excitement.

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I am Moleen and i am 32 years. I am a mother of two beautiful twins and i am happily married. My husband and i run a retail company based in Pretoria. The company based on electric devices like phones and computers. We have been married for seven years now. My husband loves me a lot that i can not deny. The current problem though is that my husband had gotten gat.

I told him to get on a diet but he never listens to me. This is very unattractive because when i married him he was just a slim well tone guy. The money has gotten him eating too much and i am embarrassed of walking with me. Okay this is just little problem. The bigger problem is that he has gotten boring.

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Hillary has become so predictable that he can not even surprise me any more. i do not if he is losing interest but he has not complimented me in a long time. i wear nice dresses and make up but he still does not look at me in the eye like we used to do in the past. i gets offended even i try to correct this. he just takes it as if he is being mocked or something. now i have gotten tired of him

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I really did not want to cheat but i just want to escape. Feeling good has not been a part of my life lately and this is what i am looking for. I do not even feel bad about this. anywhere that is all about my situation.

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I am looking for an excitement, i want happiness, my husband is boring now and i want a younger person who can give me what i have lost. I am no necessarily looking for a Ben 10 but maybe something equal to that. Let us make things clear, i am not going to marry you or put anything into seriousness. I just want fun! Use the below email to contact me

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