Slender single lady need a Fat guy to date with – Age 20 to 25. Date me now

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Slender single lady need a Fat guy to date with – Age 20 to 25. Date me now guys i am NOKHUTHEMBA who is 25 years from Pretoria. Therefore I am on this site to look for a fat guy to date but myself i am a slender lady. Date rich single ladies online and your now. Get a lady like me today and i will give you a six figure job before we even meet.

I have several different businesses in South Africa which specializes in different things. what i do is that i think of an idea, or sometimes buy it from someone. i then invest in this idea. the next thing is to find someone who is experienced when it comes to that field and i pay them too. it is all i have been doing for the past eleven years.

It all started with chickens, then eggs,beef and other farm products. i became a millionaire when i started investing in cars. the lucky part of it was finding a good candidate for the job. because i specialize in a lot of different things, my attention is everywhere. what you have to know is comment with your city and that i will direct you to the address of my company branch in your area and you can get employed.


if you do not have the necessary qualifications do not worry. i can place you somewhere where they are not essential. my staff will train you the office jobs as soon as you will become the new boss in whatever city you want.

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Anywhere that is my brief discussion of what this Slender single lady is and what i wish from the guy to date me

Like i said i need a fat guy to be in a relationship. this guy must be 20 to 25 years of age. you must be a guy with sober senses and someone who is ready to stay with me. anything without the above mentioned issues it will be null and void. I only need a serious guy up to this end of June i will be at another level. In other words i will be in a marriage.

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You know what my guy i am no longer on Facebook. Now i am using the new network its best for dating. what you have to do is send messages. see the profiles and photos of me for free. sign up now, as serious as you want it. No credit card required. just use the button below to sign up and get my details. If you meet any problem just visit the CONTACT US page of this site to get assistance.

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After signing up please upload all your photos and Whatsapp number. After that please search for Nokhuthemba. Send me a message I will reply you in few minutes. However I will check your photos and posts to see if you qualify.

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Honestly I will send my details to the best boy I see. I value dignity and discipline as well. If you feel that you are not serious or you are not good at proposing please get away