OFFICIAL: Ceballos injury report – Managing Madrid

Real Madrid have published a medical report about midfielder Dani Ceballos, who suffered a hamstring injury in training this week.

Following the tests carried out today on our player Dani Ceballos by the Real Madrid medical department, he has been diagnosed with a injury to his femoral biceps. His progress will be monitored.

As always, the report doesn’t indicate a timetable for Ceballos’ return to the team, but club sources told Managing Madrid that a second MRI revealed that his hamstring injury wasn’t as serious as expected and that Ceballos will need to be out just three weeks instead of more than two months, which is what was reported on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change much. Real Madrid will play their last match ahead of the FIFA World Cup in just one month. Ceballos will likely be available then, but the coaching staff will not want to rush him back coming off a hamstring injury, so the midfielder has probably played his last minutes before the World Cup break.

Still, Ceballos will be able to work at Valdebebas during the tournament, which means that he could have an important role in the very first few matches after the World Cup.

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