PIQUE SAYS GOODBYE! | Barcelona 2-0 Almeria, La Liga 22/23 –

Gerard Piqué played his final match as a Barcelona player at the Camp Nou. Piqué confirmed will retire from football, and despite a Robert Lewandowski missed penalty, Ousmane Dembélé and Frenkie de Jong scored to ensure a Barça victory, to give Piqué the best possible send-off from the Camp Nou crowd.

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4 months ago


Ashikar Debbarma official vlog
4 months ago

Gerard pique anytime best player and lagend🔥,,,
All time like Gerard pique ❤️…..

We hate Mancs
4 months ago


manawah scot
4 months ago

Congratulations Geri, a legend bows out.

AlexTreme Adventures
4 months ago

I think we should retire #3 jersey but La Liga has the numbering restriction… we will win against Osasuna no doubt but i am nervous about the break, we simply cannot afford any more Injuries and our loss of momentum upon returning.

abdussalam muyideen
4 months ago

I think its time busq follow suit

Camilo Molina
4 months ago

Barca has perfected the art of poor desicion making

4 months ago

"Even by our own standards of wasting chances" — That was a brutal line.

I can't think of a name,just allow it man.
4 months ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again dembele being two footed is a hindrance to him at this point, he beats a defender and when it's time to cross or shoot he cuts back to traffic time and time again high lighted by that goalie chance.

Chris Goff
4 months ago

Pique has been the heart of Barca for many years, but is time for him to move on. However, I would have been happier if we had Araujo back before he did. We are still thin in the back. I know he didn't want to be a squad player, but we need more depth there. Maybe a chance for Chiadi or another Barca Athletic centre back to get a chance.

Deepu Sherpa
4 months ago

Have a great life ahead ❤️

Ribhav Mishra
4 months ago

I'm from India. The match started at
1.30 AM, my bday was at 12. I have been a culer for 14 years, and it was an emotional night.
Thank-you Pique.

4 months ago

My all time favorite defender pique ❤️❤️

bassey samuel
4 months ago

A true legend is leaving. Amazing guy

Esomchi Miracle
4 months ago

The almaria goal keeper was red hot today if ya ask me. But 3 points in the bag.
Gracias pique.
Forever blaugrana
Blue nerves red blood.
Visca Barca.

Barça Hebo.
4 months ago

Gracias Grande Pique 🙏💙❤

Marchel Sugi
4 months ago

Overshadowed by our lleyenda farewell, there was a moment of Ferran looking absolute disgust when he was subbed out. I mean he has a point, he played well and probably have the best link up with Alba and De Jong throughout the game.

4 months ago

Plz let Xavi go as well 😂

4 months ago

lets be honest barca is a spanish biased club, didnt give a proper farewell for suarez, dani alves, messi and others

Noah Hullings
4 months ago

Our legend ❤💙

P Mishra
4 months ago


4 months ago

this is the barca i wanna c every game….we were playing complete football pressing ,one touch passing ,attacks through the middle and wide areas,more patience in the final third….but we still lack quality in the final third i wanna c more of this against better teams….
we could have scored 6or 7 but letdown by poor finishing and decision making

Joseph John
4 months ago

Pique made a very very great and hard decision.
God bless his new carrier… 🙌

4 months ago

Ferran can't even dare to get angry, every time he is in front of the goal he doesn't score

4 months ago

Dembele was so obvious with the corners, everything went to pique 😂😂

Muhammed Lamin  Touray
4 months ago

Dembele is so selfish😴😮 I don’t know what da heak is going on his head. He just scored goal 🥅 bt the over role standard he did absolutely nonsense👎👎.

4 months ago

Thank you GERI💙❤️💙❤️😭

Baba Badjie
4 months ago

Thank you Gerard Pique

RandalJames 101
4 months ago

It scares me of how bad Barca are at set pieces

4 months ago

#Xaviout he Dont have attacking patterns its only pass it to the wingers and inshalla

Thushara Lakshan
4 months ago

Thanks for everything Legend! #SEMPR3 #ViscaBarca 💙❤

Aloysius Maina
4 months ago

Pique, legend, occasional headache, warrior, constant defender of Barca, emergency striker, proud Catalan, loose tongue and hothead, all of these things, but undeniably a true and beloved Culer. We appreciate you, we thank you, we love you and we look forward to your return, when you will continue to build the great club you have contributed so much to.

DLM Perplex
4 months ago

Good riddance blabbermouth, you won't be missed

Troy Blackman
4 months ago

If Messi had this moment it would have been magical.

Nikita Zaikin
4 months ago

It was a very sad moment to watch Pique cry and that speech he held what a player he has been a legend the best Centre back in the world for our club thank you Pique for all the trophies you have won and achived what an Football career he had he have won them all.🙌🙏👏👏👏👏👏

Michael Brown
4 months ago

All season this match is my likable match I have ever watch others will say is against a small team but I analyze on how we move make spaces and the players opens their body to receive the ball and one thing about this game is we release the ball fast and sharper than sooner

4 months ago

Now is the right time for Busi to retire. I watched only the first half. Yesterday, he was caught napping twice and played 2 defence-compromising passes. Had it been against a strong opponent, we would have lost by 2 goals.
Also, the poor decision-making by Dembele was clear as a day in this game.

Much Love for… Pique ❤❤

4 months ago

That was the most embarrassing thing by lewandowski he ever did in his Carrier… He could score eazy that one, if he shot normal way, but he tryd his trick that didn't work that time,… 🙉🙈🙈🙆🏼‍♂️🙆🏼‍♂️ That was so embarrassing, even being fan of him, i still have to say that.

Bertrand Fossung
4 months ago

Thank you Piqué. You were, you’re and you’ll always remain a Barcelona legend. Wish you all the best in your future endeavoours. 🎂❤️🎉🎊

Ifeanyi Philip
4 months ago

Pique’s farewell was so emotional for me yesterday. I will so miss him for all he has done for the club and the football world. I wish we see this kinda farewell for Messi

Blesssdy Benjamin
4 months ago

Legend of the game PIQUÉ❤️❤️❤️

Elton Dcouto
4 months ago

He should have taken the penalty it would have been amazing!

Mukund Balasubramanian
4 months ago

The more electric our football, the more comically we seem to miss chances. A special game from Pique who put in a solid performance at CB for the last time at the Camp Nou. The end of an era is really starting to sink in with how frequently we're saying goodbye to our greatest generation of players. But it's always great to see them off with a win (though a trophy would've been more fitting).

Bylo Band
4 months ago

That match was PAINFUL for numerous reasons! Sempr3!

Petru Stefan
4 months ago

First of all, Thank you Pique for everything you have done for Barca. It was really a shock, many people were not ready for this. In the other hand, about that win today we had a really great game. I never doubted the win, even at the half time after we missed so many chances. For me Jordi Alba today was one of the best players, he reminded me of his version from 4-5 years ago. Also Balde was amazing again on the right side. And i want to mention again Marcos Alonso. He had a strong game again and proved that it's much better to play him in that position instead of Garcia.

Guda Lawrence
4 months ago

Dembele scored a good goal but I’ll still rank him a 4/10 in this match. Thank you Pique for your time at the club and wish you a great future.

Affan Shaikh
4 months ago

I’m so not ready for Messi to retire

jameson nava
4 months ago

Truly Alba has his flaws but Barcelona with Alba on the pitch is a much better team attacking wise…. My opinion though

mohammad abu sayeed sayeed
4 months ago

La porta could bear Pique 2 more years with good salary and bonus

Aayushh Shrestha
4 months ago

If Jordi alba was in Thomas tuchel system then forsuree he would have played more than BARCELONA currently because Jordi alba is still so good going forward if he didn't have to defend ❤️✨

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