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First things first.

You already in love with that picture you saw? Well, who am I to blame you, I look good. It’s the real me you looking at. Anyway, without wasting time, the below button will lead you straight to my SATESPACE account:

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This is a secure platform for us to communicate. The admins make sure that it has no scammers and everyone gets a chance to meet their dream lovers. With a single click, you can go straight to creating an account. On this site I will give you my number.

To see if you’re serious I’ll consider a few things. Firstly I’ll look at your message deeply and see if it was typed by a serious lover or someone who is just trying to play. The other thing is your SATESPACE profile. Please make sure you put the best profile picture you can find because I’ll look at your profile soon after you text me. The last thing is the age of your profile. Guys with older SATESPACE profiles are more trustworthy and can win me more easily.

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I’m a rich young accountant

My name is Sphiwe and I’m 24. Me and my previous boyfriend met on SATESPACE long back. We really had a good thing going. Later though the years, I discovered he was only in love with my dollars. I make a quite higher amount of money because I work several jobs at once. Golden opportunities were given to him but he was just ungrateful.

If we fall in love real well, I’ll try to cover every area of your life. You might still be in college, tuition isn’t a hard thing for me to pay even if you learn at Harvard. The other thing is that I also don’t mind online dating. We will just do video calls and I’m very cool with that. All you have to do is to take me seriously because I’ll be dead serious.

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A few requirements for my future man

I don’t ask for much. I boost want loyalty, that’s all. We remain lol to people who remain loyal to us. Everything else I can teach you with time but loyalty is something you are born with. If you don’t have that please don’t comment on my SATESPACE.