Pretoria businessman breaks magosha’s punani during tlof tlof: Bad things are coming out of my punani

THE BUSINESSMAN wanted the magosha to offer her services to him exclusively and she agreed. But then he seemed to develop evil intentions to harm her.

Now he has broken her punani and for a mogosha that’s like a death sentence!

According to the 29-year-old magosha, she met the man in September last year and he promised to pay her the money she was making daily, if she offered him her services exclusively.

She agreed because it was a sweet deal – or so she thought.

The woman, who is originally from Giyani in Limpopo, said the man used to pick her up or send somebody to pick her up from her apartment in Sunnyside, Pretoria, and then they would go to his friend’s place in Irene. Soon, things started going wrong.

“Since last year, every time I slept with him, I felt weak and dizzy,” said the lady of the night.

She said previously, she offered her services to five different men a day and felt fine. But the man was burning things in the bedroom that smelled like muthi.

“I suspect his aim was to put me in a deep sleep so he could harm me. I felt as if he was taking something from me bit-by-bit,” she said.

But she ignored the feeling because he gave her money.

“At first, we used a condom but after a few days, he started taking it off without asking me.”

She told him it was against her rules, but he ignored her. She said their last tlof tlof session, which was on 27 September, showed her that the man bad intentions. She felt as if something was choking her and moving inside her body. Her punani was also hurting.

The following morning she sneaked away and when he phoned she told him she was sick. He said she can go to the clinic but not a sangoma.

“When I showed people my punani, they said it was a spiritual attack that was designed to kill me.”

After two days, the woman was taken to sangoma Mamsy Magwaza in Kalafong Heights, Atteridgeville, Tshwane. The sangoma told her the man wanted to see her dead to strengthen his businesses.

“The sangoma has helped me because after bathing with her muthi, I felt better. Bad things are coming out of my punani, a sign that I am healing,” she said.

The mother of two children said she regrets becoming a tlof tlof vendor.

“I’m quitting selling tlof tlof. I will start a new life and look for any kind of job but not this,” she said.

She said when she came to Tshwane two years ago she was influenced by her friends to become a magosha.

“That man is a businessman who wanted to see me dead. I will never allow friends to influence me to do bad things again,” she said.

The woman sends a strong message to young people not to become prostitutes because of the consequences.

Sangoma Mamsy Magwaza said: “I suspect the man used a creature when poking her to destroy her life and ultimately kill her.

She alleges that these kinds of men are targeting magoshas because many of these women are desperate.

“I’m busy healing and cleansing her so she can go back to her normal life.”

Magwaza said if the woman didn’t get help, she would have died.

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