Priddy Ugly reveals SA rapper who inspired his musical journey

Priddy Ugly has revealed the SA veteran rapper who inspired his musical journey.

The star has been in the industry for a while now and his fans are proud of him.

However, Priddy has revealed that he did not do it all by himself as he got his inspiration from someone.

During “My Top 5” session on Channel On, Priddy stated that Khuli Chana inspired him to work himself to be where he is right now as a rapper because of the flair and style he possesses in the SA hip hop culture back in the day. 

“I don’t know man, there is just like a flair about Khuli even when he was just like so cool the shades, he was just like so cool,” he said.

Priddy Ugly went on and stated that he was inspired by Khuli Chana because of his rap style which was so good as he lauded his talent.

“His Setswana rap sounds so dope, he flows so effortlessly, and when I was speaking to myself, I was like you man I wanna do it like this,” he added.

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